5 Recommendations to Help Teachers Craft Effective Questions 

5 Recommendations to Help Teachers Craft Effective Questions addresses the importance of fostering an environment where students are routinely and deeply introduced to grade-level complex texts connected to researched-based learning goals, the standards.  Crafting effective questions is in paramount to this process as is scaffolding the instruction for student success.

Scaffolding questions supports students’ work and their productive struggle with the skills and content students are expected to know at the end of each grade-level to be college and career ready. While scaffolding is a useful took. care should be given to avoid over-scaffolding.  Taking too much time to build up to more complex questions and discussion dilute the learning process.
Lack of effective questioning and scaffolding leads to students not having full access to the learning goals in the standards, resulting in academic inequality.  Reflecting on practices that either support or hinder student growth is critical in ensuring all students are receiving high-quality grade level, standards aligned instruction.
-Lisa Henkel, Pathways to Academic Excellence
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