Great Math Resource From UnboundEd!

Great math resource from UnboundEd.  Check out the three featured podcasts, all open sourced and free to use!

The Mathematics Standards And Shifts – Andrew Chen
Dr. Andrew Chen, MIT professor, president of EduTron, and member of the Common Core Standards Development Team, discusses the history of math standards in the United States, how rigor is like baseball, and what coherence really means.

The Standards for Mathematical Practice – Dr. Bill McCallum
Bill McCallum, professor of mathematics and lead author of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics, discusses in detail what the standards actually look like across elementary, middle, and high school grades.

Democracy, Equity, and Mathematics Education – Doug Sovde
Doug Sovde, a member of the writing team of the Common Core State Standards in mathematics, discusses the role of mathematics knowledge in who acquires power in a democracy, and how it is incumbent upon us to widen the net of opportunity.

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