MWOB Coaching School Leadership Teams

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“Lisa would be an asset to any school system that is truly dedicated to improving student achievement. She is a skilled instructional leader who is committed to working collaboratively towards continual improvement for both adults and students.”


Pathways to Academic Excellence helps to engage and empower school leaders to design and implement customized targeted solutions to increase effectiveness.  We are committed to providing services to support academic teams with an unwavering commitment to achieve improved student outcomes.  The following are examples of improvement solutions provided to clients.  Every school is different and we strive to support each school individually.


Support schools in their school improvement turnaround efforts by empowering principals and school leaders to improve student outcomes.  This intensive support provides regular on-site sessions, tailored coaching to meet school needs, and cohesive support to ensure alignment of improvement components, with a focus on building capacity to support school improvement efforts.

  • Working with school leaders to analyze and synthesize (progress monitoring) school data to identify and prioritize action steps and create short and long term goals.

  • Serve as a leadership coach to the principal to maximize academic learning time to improve student performance.

  • Support the development and/or operational effectiveness of the instructional leadership team.

  • Strengthen teacher time practices such as collaboration meetings, lesson planning, and peer observations to improve instruction.

  • Develop systems and processes aimed at improving the consistency and quality of instruction across all classrooms.

PROGRESS MONITORING – The Metrics of Continual School Improvement

Progress monitoring is the collection, analysis, and use of school data pertaining to the essential elements of school effectiveness.  Fall and Spring cycles of progress monitoring allow for improvement or change goals to be measured for implementation success while also allowing for the development of school-wide priorities and action planning.

  • Semi-annual school visits to collect data related to effective schools and instructional best practices and curriculum alignment to standards.

  • Data collected through classroom observations, interviews, and collaboration observations.

  • Visit with the principal and leadership team to identify priority action steps.

  • Identify instructional exemplars for peer observation and modeling.

  • Track and report trend data collected on a yearly basis.

  • Generate comprehensive reports for each cycle of progress monitoring measuring school improvement efforts with the ability to track progress cycle to cycle.


Pathways partners with schools to provide targeted support in addressing specific challenges or needs.

  • Customized support related to enhanced student outcomes, academic engagement, and curriculum and instruction alignment to core curriculum standards.

  • Using data, provide leadership coaching relating to goals specific to improvement of high quality instruction and increased student achievement.

  • Leverage teacher collaboration time for discussion of best practices in a continual effort to build local capacity.


Provide principals and school administrators with differentiated support and targeted coaching based on the needs, experience, and alignment with district direction and priorities. 

  • Develop a vision of high quality instruction with a focus on using data for continual improvement.

  • Develop and implement a plan for school improvement and advancement with continual monitoring and evaluation of goals and objectives to ensure a dedicated focus on the implementation of the plan.

  • Provide feedback and coaching on classroom observations and lesson plan development.

  • Serve as a thought partner to build initiatives and best practices.

  • Support the development and effectiveness of the instructional leadership team or turnaround team.


Provide differentiated support and targeted coaching based on the needs and experience of the teams as well as the alignment of district direction and priorities.

  • Provide differentiated support based on the needs and experience of the leadership teams.

  • Mentor and support administrators in coaching teacher leaders.

  • Identify opportunities for targeted peer-to-peer observations and learning walks to leverage successful practices within the school and expand expertise from within.

“As a teacher and administrator within local school districts and as an educational consultant across New England, Lisa recognizes both the content knowledge and pedagogical knowledge required for teachers to become successful educators. She understands the importance of helping teachers engage deeply and thoughtfully… READ MORE