English Language Arts Research Based Strategies

I’m passing along some open-sourced resources from UnboundEd.  These are great English Language Arts research-based strategies to help teachers prepare their students for college and careers.

Advancing Student Knowledge Through Close Reading and Volumes of Reading – David Liben
In this podcast, David Liben, one of the lead authors of the Common Core State Standards, as well as a former teacher and administrator, addresses the difficulties and advantages of close reading and topic-based study, as well as the value of reading several texts in series on a single subject.

Writing Instruction in the Era of Higher Standards – Dr. Judith Hochman
Judith Hochman, Founder and Chief Academic Officer of the Writing Revolution, talks about writing instruction in schools, including common misconceptions about writing and how it fits into an integrated model of literacy instruction.

The Place of Argumentation in Curriculum – Judson Odell
Judson Odell, Chief Executive Officer of Odell Education, discusses the unique place of argumentation in the Common Core State Standards, the demand for critical thinking in our world and workplace, and the challenges that accompany implementing rigorous curriculum that pushes students’ thinking in the new era of education.

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