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Mohonasen Business Advisory Board Meeting

Honored to be part of the Mohonasen Business Advisory Board who’s mission is to act as a resource for the school community by offering expertise, programs and services that support teaching and encourage instructional practices that focus on student learning and the development of critical thinking skills.  It also serves as a resource on career and technical education programs and associated courses for the purpose of improving the knowledge and skills that students gain as they contribute to their preparation for the workforce, military and/or continuing education in a competitive global economy.

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Syracuse School District Visits Troy Prep

So wonderful to visit Troy Prep in Troy, NY with Eva Williams, Karen Dotsan, and Nancy Volk from the Syracuse City School District.  Troy Prep is doing such great work!  It was a fabulous day observing their work and collaborating on best practices.  I am so excited to head back to Van Duyn Elementary School to continue to support them in their outstanding work increasing student outcomes!

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Intentionally-Supported Reading Independence

Doug Lemov’s message is so important.  As school leaders, charged with improving student outcomes, it is crucial not to forget the importance of independent reading and the care that should be given instructionally.  These are great suggestions for intentionally-supported reading independence! #teachlikeachampion #readingisimportant View Suggestions

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Analyzing Data at Van Duyn Elementary

Awesome work happening at Van Duyn Elementary in the Syracuse City School District as Principal Williams leads her teachers in analyzing school data!  Teachers spent quality time looking for trends in their State Diagnostic Reports and honing school-wide priorities. So proud to work with this team who is making incredible progress impacting student outcomes!  Vantastic!

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“Reading Reconsidered” Workshop

Amazing work and energy at the “Reading Reconsidered”, Teach Like A Champion, Uncommon Schools, workshop! Doug Lemov and team led this two-day deep dive into helping over 100 teachers from around the country (Denver, Charlotte, Miami, Cleveland, NYC, Albany, DC, Troy), navigate the complexities of teaching reading and supporting those leaders who facilitate this work in their schools. Teachers came together to learn and engage in planning around best practices in independent reading, knowledge building, non-fiction implications, text complexity, close reading, and writing. A sincere shout-out to Doug Lemov for including me in this engaging learning opportunity.

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Van Duyn Elementary School Work Session

Such meaningful work with the team at Van Duyn Elementary School on Monday. Principal Williams and her team should be so proud and excited about the work they continue to do to move their school forward. Working with them as they work with the State Diagnostics Tool, (DSTSE) and rubric to set priorities, articulate goals, and find pathways is such powerful work in bringing about sustained change.

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Work Session with Nancy Volk

Great work session on Friday September 15 with Nancy Volk, Extended Day Time Facilitator from the Department of Teaching and Learning in the Syracuse City School District. Truly important planning work on the continual improvement cycle of ensuring students are provided outstanding curriculum and instruction. So proud to be part of the team working to improve student outcomes, preparing them for college and careers!

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